๐Ÿ“Š About DORA metrics

Faros CE ships with 2 DORA dashboards

Faros CE comes with 2 DORA dashboards:

The former leverages a much bigger slice of the underlying schema (cicd_deployment, ims_incident and compute_application). Its metrics align closely with the state of DevOps reports. It requires however a source for those entities to be configured.

Deployments can be ingested into Faros CE through:

Incident can be ingested into Faros CE through:

Applications are automatically created based on what Deployments and Incidents refer to when those datums are ingested. That means that unless the dashboard is modified, those references need have the same names: if your incidents refer to a foobar service, your deployments need to refer to foobar as well for the Change Failure Rate to be accurate.

The DORA - Releases and Bugs dashboard on the other hand leverages cicd_Release and tms_Task that contain the word 'bug'. All of those entities are extracted by our GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket sources, which means that this dashboard will not require any additional sources to be ingested to light up. The metrics are broken down by repository. Note that the metrics are not as faithful to the industry benchmark definition however.

Precisions about Lead Time and Change Failure Rate

Lead Time:

  1. PR Review Time: time between the PR was open and its first Review
  2. PR Merge Time: time between a PR first Review and its merge
  3. [Releases only] Wait time: time between a PR merged and the next Release (chronologically)
  4. [Deployments only] Time in Dev: time between a PR merged and the next deployment of an application tied to the repository in dev chronologically (for more information, see here)
  5. [Deployments only] Time in QA: similar to above
  6. [Deployments only] Time in Staging: similar to above
    As you can see, Faros CE assumes deployments and releases are made from a single main line.

Change Failure Rate:
Computed as the ratio over a time period of Incidents to Deployments, or Bugs (tasks that contain the string bug in their title) to Releases. The time period is either the one specified by the dashboard filter, or a week (for the middle chart).