๐Ÿ˜ฅ Gotchas

Reset fail on version control system sources / Hasura metadata inconsistency

If you have an instance that was first started before 5/20/22, your Hasura metadata is inconsistent with the Postgres schema following this schema alteration.
The fix is as follows:

  1. Go to the Hasura Console (usually, localhost:8080)
  2. You will get redirected to the following screen
  3. Click the Delete All button

Sync stuck

Based on the logs, assess the stream in which the sync is stuck; check the documentation page for the source to see if that stream has been marked as non-performant. If so, disable that stream in the Connection settings.

Invalid interpolation format error

When you run Faros CE and get an error similar to:

ERROR: Invalid interpolation format for "faros-db" option in service "services": "${FAROS_DB_PORT?}:5432"

Upgrade Docker Compose to the latest version.

Unknown error occurred when modifying Faros Destination settings in Airbyte UI

Set FAROS_AIRBYTE_FORCE_SETUP=true in .env file and rerun the docker compose. This will reset your Airbyte settings to the template versions. Once started set FAROS_AIRBYTE_FORCE_SETUP=false again.

"Save Changes and Test" button is not clickable in Airbyte Source Settings page

Do not click Retest source after entering your settings, directly click Save changes and test

GitHub Sync fails on a source connector error

  • If the project stream is active in the connection AND your GitHub repository has projects disabled, the source will fail. Disable the project stream.
  • If the repository is not part of an organization, you MUST disable the Organization stream.

Metabase Initialization FAILED: Database has migration lock; cannot run migrations

If you get an error:

ERROR metabase.core :: Metabase Initialization FAILED
liquibase.exception.LockException: Database has migration lock; cannot run migrations.
You can force-release these locks by running `java -jar metabase.jar migrate release-locks`.

Run this command to release the lock:

docker-compose run --entrypoint 'java -jar /app/metabase.jar migrate release-locks' metabase

Airbyte connection settings issue

If you have trouble connecting one of your sources to the Faros Destination, join us on Slack and we will be happy to help you out and augment this documentation!

n8n initialization error

When you run Faros CE and get n8n fails to start with the following error:

n8n initialization error - "/home/node/.n8n/config". It does not seem to be valid JSON.

Simply delete the n8n and it's data volume (no n8n settings would be lost, since they are stored in the database):

docker-compose rm n8n -f
docker volume rm n8n_data