๐Ÿš€ Faros Destination

The Faros Destination is the Airbyte destination connector that takes the data streams extracted by the Airbyte source connectors, and stores it in the Faros CE models. It comes as a pre-packaged and pre-configured destination in your Faros CE instance.


You can find Faros Destination source code here. Of particular interest are the converters that map data from the source streams to our canonical data model.

Main settings for Faros Destination in Community Edition:

  • Hasura URL - where the data is written
  • Dry Run - if data should not be written, only processed & metrics printed

Version Update

You can locate the version of the Faros Destination in Settings -> Destinations in Airbyte UI and update it if necessary.

Table Prefix

To properly implement the Reset your data functionality at the connection level, Faros CE must know which connection the data was written from. To achieve this, for any data written to Faros CE, the Faros Destination extracts the first part (before the __ separator) of the Destination Stream Name (see GetOrigin here) and stores it in the Origin field of the destination tables.

Also, conversion between source stream entities and the corresponding Faros models is controlled by the second and third part of Destination Stream Name (see GetConverter here).

Since Destination Stream Name is built by concatenating the Table Prefix parameter from the connection, and the source stream name provided by the source, in each connection the Table Prefix parameter must follow the following format connection__converter__, where:

For example, our pre-configured GitHub - Faros destination has its table prefix set to github_source__github__.