⚙️ System Components

Built 100% with open-source components:

  • Airbyte: Data integration platform for importing data from a variety of sources (even more sources)
  • Hasura: GraphQL engine that makes your data accessible over a real-time GraphQL API
  • Metabase: Business Intelligence (BI) tool for generating metrics and rendering charts and dashboards from your data
  • dbt: Data transformations to convert raw data into usable metrics
  • n8n: Extendable workflow automation of top of your data
  • PostgreSQL: Stores all the your data in canonical representation
  • Docker: Container runtime to run the services
  • Flyway: Schema evolution for the database schema
  • Faros Events CLI: CLI for reporting events to Faros platform, e.g builds & deployments from your CI/CD pipelines


Apache License 2.0