Step 6 (Optional): Connect and Analyze your Jira project


What you need for this tutorial

  • A Jira project you want to observe and build automation for
  • A Jira API Token

Configure and sync your Jira project

  1. Go to the Airbyte > Sources > Jira and fill in:
    • The email used to generate the token
    • The Jira domain
    • The API token
    • The project you would like to sync (remove KEY1 and KEY2)
  2. Click Save changes and test
  3. Go to Connections > Jira - Faros and trigger a sync

Note: this step is similar to Step 2: Connect your GitHub repository with Airbyte. More information on Airbyte: πŸš… Data Ingestion with Airbyte. More info on the Jira Source.

Look at your Jira metrics!

  1. Access the canned JIRA metrics in Metabase on port 3000. Default admin login credentials are [email protected] / admin. To learn how to set them, visit Setting Admin Credentials page.
  2. Click around!

Note: this step is similar to Step 3: Look at your GitHub metrics in Metabase. Get oriented in Metabase: πŸ‘€ Analytics in Metabase.