🧑 Faros Essentials

Git + Jira analytics on your laptop in 10 minutes

Install Flow



Docker Desktop, git, API tokens for your systems.

Make sure you have allocated enough resources for Docker. We recommend to allocate at least 4 CPUs, 4GB of RAM and 10GB of disk space.

Windows, Linux and MacOS are supported. For Windows, you need WSL2.

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/faros-ai/faros-community-edition/main/install.sh)" _ --source doc_essentials

This script will:

  1. Download Faros code repository and setup containers
  1. Ask you to configure Git and/or Jira sources
  2. Pull data from those sources to your machine
  3. Direct you to the dashboards

GitHub (Cloud), GitLab (Cloud + Server), Bitbucket (Cloud + Server), Jira (Cloud) are currently supported. All the data remains on your machine. You can inspect the code here.

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API token requirements

SourceToken requirements
GitHubProvide GitHub API token with read permissions: repo, read:org, read:user
GitHub Enterprise ServerNot supported yet.
GitLab, GitLab CE/EEProvide GitLab personal access token with read permissions: read_api
Bitbucket CloudProvide Bitbucket "App Password" with read permissions:
Account: read
Pull Requests: read
Issues: read
Workspace membership: read
Projects: read
Repositories: read
Pipelines: read
Bitbucket ServerNot supported yet.
Jira CloudThe integration user needs application access to Jira, the 'Browse Users' global permission, and the 'Browse Project' and 'View Development Tools' permissions for each project
Jira Server/DCNot supported yet.

Analytics Dashboards

Once Install and Ingestion is over, head to your local Metabase instance that Faros deployed: http://localhost:3000 (user: [email protected], pass: admin).

Quick links:

All charts can be inspected and modified!

Default Git Dashboard

Default Git Dashboard

One of the JIRA Dashboards

One of the Jira Dashboards

Stop and Uninstall Faros Essentials

To stop Faros, go to the folder from where you ran the install command and do:

cd faros-community-edition

To uninstall, you can delete the faros-community-edition folder. In Docker, you can remove the following volumes:

  • airbyte_data
  • airbyte_db
  • airbyte_workspace
  • n8n_data

What’s Next

Explore your EngOps data, and add more!