Update Canned Dashboards

Nw canned dashboards are automatically created along with the corresponding questions when you start Faros CE through the faros-init container (i.e. ./start.sh and ./init/scripts/metabase-init.sh).

To update existing dashboards in local deployments, or any dashboard in cloud deployment follow this procedure:

  • Pull the latest code from our GitHub repository
  • Follow the import step

Please note that the behavior is as follows:

  1. Each dashboard corresponds to a sub-collection of the Faros CE collection
  2. When an import for a dashboard is triggered, the corresponding dashboard will be added to the sub-collection (potentially duplicating previous occurrences), and all the question that dashboard uses with be created in that sub-collection, or overwritten if they exists (based on their name)

Act accordingly based on the changes you made. Consider renaming the sub-collection to save your work before you trigger the import if you saved modifications in there.