Step 2: Connect your GitHub repository with Airbyte


What you need for this tutorial

  • A GitHub repository you want to observe and build automation for
  • A GitHub token that has read access to that repository
  1. Go to Sources and select the pre-configured GitHub Source in the Airbyte UI on port 8000; fill in your GitHub token and Repositories you want Faros CE to ingest
  1. Test the source
  2. Go to the Connections menu, Select the GitHub - Faros connection, and click Sync Now
  3. Look at the logs and wait for the sync to conclude


Get Oriented in Airbyte

Airbyte is a great open-source product to sync data. You can find its documentation here.
See also πŸš€ Faros Destination and 🚰 Data Ingestion with Airbyte for details on the integrations with Faros CE.